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Offers you a wide range of the world's most advanced technologies – including Uretek – for lifting, re-levelling and re-supporting homes, factories, warehouses, commercial buildings and many other kinds of ground structures.

JOG integrated computer grouting.
Resin Injection.
Jet Grouting.
Power Piles.
Void Filling.
Compaction Grouting.

JOG integrated computer grouting

Multi-injection-point, cementitious grout levels large, complex projects

JOG integrated computer grouting. Resin Injection. Jet Grouting. Power Piles. Void Filling. Compaction Grouting.
Click to download BRANZ Appraisal No 698

BRANZ Appraisal No 698

BRANZ Appraisal No 698 The Uretek Method

Download PDF (163.60 KB).

Click to download Uretek Industry Brochure

Uretek Industry Brochure

Uretek remediation of foundation problems in industry

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Click to download Uretek NZ Residential Brochure

Uretek NZ Residential Brochure

Brochure about relevelling NZ homes

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Click to download Uretek NZ Services Book

Uretek NZ Services Book

32 page booklet: Uretek Ground Engineering services in NZ

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Major Expansion of Services Resulted in Creation of Mainmark Ground Engineering NZ

The Canterbury earthquakes of 2010-2011 required us to introduce new technologies to New Zealand: technologies that we had been utilising in earthquake remediation in Japan.

These technologies, JOG integrated computer grouting and Jet Grouting, were introduced by our Uretek Ground Engineering company. However, while JOG and Jet Grouting are complementary to Uretek Resin Injection technology, they are different from it in very many ways.

As these technologies have proved hugely successful, they are now offered along with the Uretek Resin technology by our new company Mainmark Ground Engineering. There is a more detailed explanation in the sidebar of the page "ABOUT US".

Mainmark Ground Engineering Offers a Wide Range of Technologies

These are the world’s most advanced range of ground engineering systems to lift, re-level and re-support homes, factories, warehouses, commercial buildings and other on-ground structures.


Uretek Ground Engineering (NZ) Ltd is part of the world-wide Uretek group with associated companies servicing more than 50 countries. We offer a comprehensive range of the most modern methods of ground improvement and subsidence rectification. Uretek's patented ground engineering resin injection technology has been developed and proven in Europe over 30 years, and is now available across the world in more than 50 countries. The Uretek Method has been appraised by BRANZ in NZ and SOCOTEC in Europe.

In New Zealand, Uretek offers a number of ground improvement technologies tailored to the specific technical requirements and diversity of foundation ground problems, especially those problems to do with earthquake-damaged structures and pavements.


World-leading technologies for ground engineering available in New Zealand 

  • URETEK RESIN INJECTION  - the unique and patented Uretek Method of ground engineering utilising expanding structural resins injected into foundation ground to solve building and construction problems by densifying foundation ground and by raising and re-levelling. This technology is used in all areas – residential, commercial and industrial. Generally, but especially from a home-owner’s point of view, this is the most advanced, modern underpinning: Fast. Cost-effective. Minimum disruption.
  • URETEK DEEP INJECTION is used to compact and strengthen foundation ground under building footings and pavements such as roads, airstrips and so forth.
  • URETEK POWERPILES are used to compact and strengthen relatively non-cohesive foundation ground under existing structures. They can be installed from areas with minimal head-room.
  • LMG COMPACTION GROUTING (also known as Low Mobility Grouting) is cementitious grouting to re-level on-ground structures, densify ground & mitigate liquefaction. It is specially applicable to larger projects.
  • JOG INTEGRATED COMPUTER GROUTING: multi-injection-point, cementitious grouting, controlled by computer for re-levelling large and very complex projects. 
  • JET GROUTING is a form of cementitious grouting designed to provide solid support for critical and larger structures.



We raise, relevel & resupport sunken homes, floors, roads, factories, warehouses, driveways, airports, seaports, railway bridges and platforms and many other built structures and pavements.

Featuring largely in our work here in New Zealand are earthquake damage repair and rectification of ground subsidence issues and ground stabilisation.


WARRANTY: URETEK materials injected below concrete have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage or deterioration causing significant settlement, and as such are warranted by URETEK in strict accordance with the product durability requirements of the applicable Local, State or National Building Code.

The Uretek Method is not franchised. It is a complex solution requiring Uretek Ground Engineering's teamof highly trained professionals operating from completely self-contained mobile Operations Rigs with highly specialised equipment.


With major offices in both Auckland and Christchurch we cover all of  New Zealand; plus all Australian mainland states, Japan, Thailand and many other countries. The Uretek Ground Engineering (NZ) Limited company number is 2186481.

The Building Research Association of New Zealand has appraised the Uretek Resin Injection Method.  BRANZ Appraisal No. 698 which is available as a PDF download from the Uretek Technical Information page of this site.

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